Friends, please pray about a love offering for each message on our site you listen to.  Here is why.  

You know I do not take a salary from the church (or ANY money from the church).  We consider our school ministry to be our greatest mission work.  This is because we see America as the nation in the greatest need of spiritual help!  We are raising up future leaders at Park Meadows Academy, to possibly salvage this nation.  If we lose America, the whole world will suffer. 

I trust that the Bible messages, below, will benefit you and your family.  Please click the Give Button below and make a donation to our school for each message you listen to.  You can even click “scheduled giving” and make an automated gift each month, then listen to all the messages you wish without thinking about it!  Or better, give according to how the message benefits your heart, and your family!  That is all I ask for the time I have spent preparing these messages.  100% will go straight to the school ministry.  By the way, our school charges ZERO tuition.  It is totally funded by love offerings from God's people.  May the Lord bless you for taking part in this ministry.

David Mitchell

Sr. Pastor